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Word Order - etwas and einige



Hallo, I just posted a question about adverbs and TMP, but only after I had signed out did I remember why I was looking up word order anyway. (everything takes twice as long when one is so easily distracted). I heard in a German programme, someone say [color=#0000BF:oo5s10x3]Ich möchte auch etwas trinken[/color:oo5s10x3]. Then later someone else said [color=#0000BF:oo5s10x3]Möchten Sie etwas bei mir essen?[/color:oo5s10x3] I do not understand why the etwas in the question comes before bei mir, but in the statement comes after auch. I thought auch was an adverb and bei mir an adverbial phrase. Can you explain the word order when using etwas? Also, when one uses einige, is this considered a pronoun? If I said they were picking apples and gave us some, would I say "[color=#0000BF:oo5s10x3]und sie gaben uns einige[/color:oo5s10x3]" or "[color=#0000BF:oo5s10x3]und sie gaben einige uns[/color:oo5s10x3]". The first sounds righter to me, but I think I read that when you have two pronouns, the accusative comes first. Thank you so much for your help. It is always a great relief to listen to the RG audio and not worry too much about the grammar, but when i try to say something that is not identical to the audio I always get tied up in grammar. Carolinne

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