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Hallo .

In the sentence ' Gibt es dort viele Kneipen ?' ,  why does 'dort ' come before the noun ? Like in English - Are there many bars there ? 



German word order in sentences is different to English. There isn't really a "why", it's just how Germans do it.
The best thing is to just go through the course learning phrases and get a feel for how it works.
There is a lesson on word order coming in level 2.

German with Jenny does a series of lessons on word order on youtube. Here is a link to part 1.

The most relevant to your question is probably part 3 but is worth watching them all if you really want to know about word order.


Hallo Vidya-manuS und sfpugh!

That's good advice, sfpugh! Vidya-manuS, when you're starting to learn a new language, you can get a bit caught up with all of the things that make it different from your own language. However, there often isn't really a reason why these things are different: it's just because different languages work differently. Going through the course and taking things one lesson at a time can help ease you into all of the little quirks that make each language stand apart from all the others.

As you go through the course, you'll find that there are some comments on word order in relevant lessons in Level 1 (for example, in Lesson 2.7: Asking Questions) and there is one entire lesson that is devoted to word order towards the end of the level (Lesson 7.6: Word Order Rules). More lessons on word order can be found in Level 2, since it can be quite a tricky topic. The lesson that would be most helpful for this issue would be Lesson 9.7: Where? When? Who? What? as it talks about the placement of location words in German sentences. Again, however, this is a bit of a complex question, and so it is best left until later if you're still in the early stages of learning German.

As sfpugh indicates, a new lesson that will more thoroughly cover these kinds of word order questions is currently planned for Level 2.  

I hope that this is helpful!

Viel Spaß!


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