Word order lesson 10.7


This example in the lesson seems like an exception to the TMP rule. 6. Der Mann vorliest den Kindern jeden Abend ein Buch. It seems to me, based on the rule, that it should be "Der Mann vorliest jeden Abend den Kindern ein Buch". Please explain. thanks, Byron


Hey Byron, There is a mistake in that sentence. Sorry about that. It should be: 'Der Mann liest den Kindern jeden Abend ein Buch vor.' OR 'Jeden Abend liest der Mann den Kindern ein Buch vor.' 2.'Benjamin isst mit seinen Freunden einen Eierkuchen.' OR 'Mit seinen Freunden isst Benjamin einen Eierkuchen.' 3. 'Das Auto hat seit gestern eine schöne Farbe.' OR 'Seit gestern hat das Auto eine schöne Farbe.' 5. 'Der Mann backt mit viel Liebe Weihnachtskekse.' OR ' Mit viel Liebe backt der Mann Weihnachtskekse.' There can be more than two possible option to build one sentence. You already have a feel for it figuring out there was something wrong about this one. I answered a question in the forum about sentence structure that might be helpful for you as well if you are interested. http://members.rocketlanguages.com/your-community/german-grammar/sentence-structure


Hi Paul, Thanks. I read your answer about sentence structure too. regards, Byron


Hi Paul & Byron,
I'm just up to 10.7 and have had a go at the written tests in the pdf document, and the model answer for sentence 6 is:
"Der Mann vorliest den Kindern jeden Abend ein Buch."

Is this an alternative, since the examples earlier put the "vor" at the end?

(I wasn't sure whether I should create a new query or resurrect this one.)

Regards, Pete


I think the problem with sentence in the lesson was not as I thought the order of Kindern and Abend, but instead that 'vorlesen' is a separable prefix verb and as such the prefix goes at the end of the sentence.  (I know, go figure, but that's how they do it.)  Paul?


Hi Peter,

That is an error. It should be "Der Mann liest den Kindern jeden Abend ein Buch vor."
Thanks for pointing this out.

Lieben Gruß



Hi Paul,

Vielen Dank!

I thought it looked wrong; hopefully the constructions are sinking in at the subconscious level.


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