Written part of the course?



hello pretty new here and was wondering about, if I’m missing out on some parts of the course?
in 2.2 on a tour. 
She says something about a written part of the course. To learn more about ein, eine, einen and again to learn about anhalten when to move an to the end of the sentence. 
I’m using an iPhone as I don’t have a laptop. Just wondering if I’m missing where to find the written part of the course?


Hallo Robert4813!

Thanks for your question! The speaker is referring to the Language & Culture lessons, which contain written explanations of concepts. When you are looking at your dashboard, the Language & Culture lessons come below the Interactive Audio lessons.

To help you find these particular points: The articles ein and eine are introduced in Lesson 2.6, and their accusative forms are covered in Lesson 4.5. Separable verbs, however, are a much more complex concept, and so they are explained in the Language & Culture lessons of Level 2 (Lesson 12.6). 

I hope that this is helpful! Do let me know if you still have any questions.

Bis zum nächsten Mal,



Ok, vielen dank.
I’ll keep working my way towards those lessons, don’t want to get ahead of my self. 


Bitte, Robert4813! :)

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