2.2 Numbers Part 1 PDF


I think there is an error, or I'm not learning this as well as I thought. In the fill in the blanks, on page 7, number 6, I think the answer is that I'm 26 and my brother is 31 (we both wish we were!) The answers below say that my brother is 33. Doesn't einunddreibig mean 31? Sorry, I can't type an esszett.


Hallo Mark, Ich heiße Tom. Ich komme aus den USA. (PA to be exact) I saw that also and einunddreißig is 31. Also, if you hold down the Alt key and then use the numeric key pad (num lock must be on) on the right side of your keyboard you can create the esszett and umlaute. example while holding Alt and pressing 0223 on the keypad...you get ß .... Alt and 0228 = ä ... Alt and 0235 = ë ... Alt and 0246 = ö and Alt and 0252 = ü. Once you release the Alt after typing in the numbers is when the character shows up. Hope that helps. Tschüß Tom

Hallo Tom und Mark, thank you for making us aware of the mistake. You are correct, einunddreißig is 31. We will fix this as soon as possible. Thank you!


Hallo Tom and Nathalie, Danke! I've seen that before, but I couldn't find it. And Nathalie, I thought I had those right! Tschüß

Hey, well done! :D

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