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this sentence appears in 11.2
Mir geht es nicht so gut, aber darüber werden wir ja gleich sprechen.
I'm not so good, but we are indeed talking about the same thing.

I am worried about the translation of gleich. It doesn't make sense to me to translate it as "the same". Wouldn't it be better to translate it as "directly, immediately or right away". So the phrase might go "but we will talk about it directly / right now"

Graeme -TE1q

I agree, SImon.  The English translation doesn't seem quite right.  Of course it all depends on context.  I presume that since the topic is seeing the doctor, the speaker in the English sense is saying something along the lines of: "I am not so good, but can we talk about this?"
Perhaps our tutor could help by giving us the literal English translation of the words in the second part of the sentence.  I understand "darüber sprechen" to mean "talk about".  The hard words to translate in context are "ja gleich".


Hi Graeme, yes, it appears in the Extra vocab section of a lesson on a visit to the doctor.

The only sensible reading of this that I can think of is that the Tutor is going to play the role of a sick patient visiting the doctor and the student will be right there with him in the consulting room.
The actual translation given makes no sense.
My literal translation:
aber -but
darüber - many meanings including about that/it
werden wir - we will
ja - emphasiser
gleich -many meanings including directly, immediately, at once.
sprechen - speak

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi there,

I have changed the English translation to I'm not so good, but we will talk shortly about that because it didn't make much sense for me either. I can't read the sentence any other way.

Gleich can be translated as same, equal, like, or shortly, in a moment. Two examples:

Alle Menschen sind gleich - all men are the same
Der Chef wird gleich kommen - the boss will come shortly

I hope this helps!



Thank you for fixing it.

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