May the word "bitte" be used at the start and /or at the conclusion of a sentence? i.e. In engish we might say: Please pass the butter or we might say: Pass the butter please. Danke


Hi there, You have a few options when it comes to "bitte" depending on how much emphasis you want to place on "bitte. It is generally not used at the start of a sentence, unless you are slightly desperate or are using a command. It's usually used in the middle of the sentence. Here are some examples: Bitte helfen sie mir! - Please help me! Bitte hör auf! - Please stop. Geben Sie mir bitte die Butter? - Please pass me the butter? Können Sie mir bitte die Butter geben? - Could you please pass me the butter? I hope that helps. Paul


Paul, A follow on question. Most likely I would be asking for the butter from a family member or friend, would you simple replace Sie (formal) with du (informal) and change Geben to Gebst (not sure that is even a form of geben) or Konnen to konnst? Thanks.


Hi there, you would simply say: Gibst du mir bitte die Butter -or Please give me the butter Kannst du mir bitte die Butter geben - Could you please give me the butter :P Paul


Dankeschon! :D

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