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Das Essen vs Das Lebensmittel



I just checked these two words with a dictionary, but I get to the same meaning. Are they interchangeable or should one of them be used in a specific situation?


Hi RexV, 

Essen and Lebensmittel have the same meaning, "food". 

However, Lebensmittel is used in more formal and "sterile" situations or to talk about "groceries" in specific:

Die Lebensmittelindustrie - the food industry
Der Supermarkt bietet Lebensmittel an. - The supermarket offers groceries. 

Essen is used more in day-to-day situations:
Dein Essen wird kalt. - Your food is going cold.
Ich freue mich auf das Essen in Deutschland. - I look forward to the food in Germany.

Beste Grüße, 


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