Deshalb and deswegen


When I translated both words I get the same meaning = Therefore / hence / thus.

Therefore, when would you write “deshalb” and when would you write “deswegen”?


Hallo RexV,

Deshalb and deswegen are essentially interchangeable. Their difference in meaning is very slight: you can think of deswegen as being more literally "because of that" and deshalb as being more like "therefore."

Generally, you can choose to use one or the other based on your own preference. Any feeling about one or the other being the most suited for a certain situation will come over time as you get more and more familiar with the language and hear native speakers using these terms.




I assume the word "Außerdem" is also a word which can be used interchangeable with "Deshalb" and "Deswegen"?


I don't think so. If you look carefully at the definitions of aßerdem and außer  you will see that they are rather different from deshalb and deswegen. The latter imply a logical connection between two sets of things - "because of this therefore that".
Außerdem on the other hand is more like - "besides, an addition, furthermore". It supplies traditional information.
I wonder if Liss agrees.


Hallo RexV und sfpugh!

Indeed, you're exactly right, sfpugh: außerdem "in addition" has a different meaning than deshalb / deswegen "therefore," just as you describe.





Is "darum" and "Dadurch" also interchangeable with "Deshalb" and "Deswegen".

Ich bin krank und darum kann ich nicht arbeiten gehen
I am sick and that is why I cannot go to work


Hi RexV,

darum, deshalb and deswegen are basically all interchangeable. Darum however, is likely to be used more in informal situations compared to the other two. You can think of it  as being more like “so" or "that’s why“.

Dadurch can be translated as “thereby“ or “as a consequence / result“, for example:

Ich war zu dünn angezogen und dadurch bin ich krank geworden - "I was dressed too thinly and as a consequence I got sick." 

I hope this helps.

Viele Grüße

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