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Flashcards download for iPhone?


I spend 2 hours on a plane every week.  No internet = no Rocket.
Is there a Rocket flashcard app or similar that I can use when offline


I don't know of a rocket flashcard app that will work offline, In addition, rocket does not provide a mechanism for exporting flashcards so that they can be imported into another application. I think this is something of an over sight. There are ways of doing it but they involve some programming.

If you don't mind making you own flashcards from scratch, then a number of people on the rocket forum like Anki flashcards which works offline.

Personally I find Anki good for learning new words, but not so good for revision of a large number of words that you should already know. My experience of it is Windows based so I don't know how it performs in the Apple environment.

It works off line and there is an iphone app for it. There are other iphone flashcard apps but I have no experience of them.

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