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Is there a German dictionary available on the site?


Sometimes I come to a phrase in which there are words that we haven't had yet, such as in: Mochten Sie sonst noch etwas? (of which "sonst" and "noch" are as yet undefined).


What works really well for me is to bring up Google Translate in a separate browser window. I will frequently flip back and forth to get additional meanings of words and phrases. Of course, there are any number of on line dictionaries and translators you could reference. Find one you like and just keep it open in a separate window would be my suggestion.


Danke, Byron. Good suggestion. I'm glad that Google Translate seems to work for you; I'll give it a try!


Hi Britannus, online translators are not always accurate but give roughly an idea of the sentence meaning. If you are not sure check a online dictionary in addition. Otherwise I am always here to help. 'Sonst noch' is 'else' here or also 'anything' in English. Online dictionaries:

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