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I am finding that the language and culture lessons are much more difficult than the corresponding audio lesson. For example in my course I haven't covered pass tense or future tense yet, however many of the grammar lessons use both these tenses. My question is how much should I really be understanding before I move onto the next grammar lesson considering that many of the example phrases being used are quite advanced with respect to the audio course. Thanks


I have also found it true that I see lots of new items during the language and culture lessons. But, what I also discovered is that you are going to see those again down the road. This then leads me to again revisit the prior lesson, and I find that this repetition is what really gets the concepts glued in my brain. It has taken a while, but through this repetition I'm finally getting the articles and prepositions to where I don't have to stop and think through the whole process. (Ok,is this masculine or feminine, plural or singular. Starts with a vowel or consonant? Is it an S? If so, whats after the S?) Also, for me, breaking from a difficult language and culture lesson to do a less strenuous audio lesson helps fend off learning fatigue.


For me I spend more time listening to the audio. I'm not very good with the reading side of things. I read over it a couple of times and move on. But as with Raymond I find myself returning to a subject to find that I'm understanding it clearer. Hearing how words and phrases are used is more beneficial for me than reading it. So I'm more advanced in the audio then in the reading. It may not be the right way to do things, and it may be a bit of jumping back and forth, but it works for me. :-)

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