Lesson 2.1



In the audio lesson 2.1 we are introduced to the word to close- 'geshlossen'. Nik goes on to tell the word for 'to open', which I won't attempt to spell. It sounded as if it started with a 'g'. Since it wasn't a part of the written text of the audio lesson, I not sure how to spell it. I have looked in several German-English dictionionaries and the only word they offer for 'to open' is 'offen'. Could you give me the spelling of that word? Also a suggestion for future written texts of the audio lessons would be a list new words that are introduced with the audio lesson. :D Vielen Dank, Russell

Hi there, the word Nik mentions in lesson 2.1 is "geöffnet", which is the opposite of "geschlossen". "Offen" also means open. We are currently working on a new Interactive Audio Course and we will add all new vocabulary to the transcripts :D

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