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Limited list in Megavocab game


Hi, Just downloaded Rocket German. Seems like a great product. When I tried playing Megavocab I could not get more than 4 (I think) verbs. The game is supposed to select words randomly from 50 verbs. Is there a setting that I need to activate? Please help! Best Regards, Amitabh


Sporry there is a typo in the above post. Please read Megaverb instead of Megavocab. Thanks

Hi there, I apologize for the inconvenience. That is very weird indeed. You can select the tenses you want to be tested on and each game consists of 25 randomly chosen questions regarding 50 different verbs. I recommend to delete the version you have downloaded and download the game again. Please let me know if that helps. Thanks


Thanks for your prompt response. I re-downloaded the exe from the members area. Megaverb still does not work. The funny thing is that the other games (MegaVocab and MegaAudio) seem to be working. The only verbs that come up repeatedly are: Wissen Vergeben Sprechen Essen The Help in the game indicates that I need to download I cannot find any zip file for download. (What I have downloaded is an exe file from the members area). Is that the reason the game wouldn't work? Best Regards, Amitabh

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