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I do not know how to spell these two words (phrases???) but I am in Germany and I hear people say it all the time.... Phoenetic spelling.... andesklah and motside What the heck do they mean? Thanks, MIKEC


Hallo, the first one is "Alles klar", which literally means "everything clear". It is used when in English you would say "alright", "no worries", "okay" or "sweet as". The second one....mmmm...I'm not sure. It depends on where in Germany you are and at what time it is said. It looks like "Mahlzeit" to me, which means "mealtime". It is a lot more common in the south of Germany, but it is also used in other parts. People usually say it around lunchtime, either as a greeting or just before you start to eat your lunch. In the south of Germany the "a" sound will be more like an "o", so it sounds like "Molside". If you could let me know in which context you hear it I can clarify whether it is actually "Mahlzeit" or something completely different. :P Paul

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