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Hello, Would it be possible to have somebody record the audio for the phrases included in MegaCards? If not, would it be possible to do like and let other students create the audio? We can vote the best audio clips to the top of the list for use in the game, perhaps? Other things: 1) Search with Phrase Finder 2) Choose to start with the card image, the German phrase, the English phrase or hear the audio. 3) Include phrases from My Vocab 4) Provide the same rating system used in Hear It/Write It/Know It so that we can sort through phrases we know and work on phrases we need to learn. 5) Let me create my own cards (and record my own audio) and share them with others. Thanks, Jason


Nobody wants this? Seriously? Nobody wants to have their own voice on a Rocket German lesson, speaking perfect German and there for all eternity? Nobody wants to be able to search the megacards? Nobody wants to create their own custom tests to study? Nobody has any phrases in My Vocab that they would like to study in megacards?


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your suggestions, they are always appreciated.  We can pass this on to our developers, but it's probably not going to be high on our priority list I'm sorry.  As you may have gathered, we are a small company, and so it can take a bit of time to work through all of the improvement suggestions that we receive.  But we do encourage you to keep sending through your feedback.


Hello RL,

Thank you. I found a solution for studying via They offer an easy way for me to upload my vocab in a two column format and I can choose to upload your audio clips or create my own or take them from another source like In addition they let me add a little reminder slide if I need it as a picture or as text to go with the phrase. It's very portable since they have an iOS study app that works very well and allows you take the course offline and store it local on the device. It has the same game feel as duolingo and reminds you to run through the lessons at regular intervals. They also have an excellent user voice forum that accepts ideas for improvement of the platform. And of course, it's free with an inexpensive paid option if I want to analyze my learning patterns and focus a bit more and support their work.

You guys should offer a subscription model. I can think of a ton of ideas that would make an extra $50 a year make a lot of sense. With 1.2 mio students that would be at least an extra million revenue a year and you could hire some more people to work on fun language learning projects.

Best Regards,




As a beginner, I find the MegaCards way too hard to play. And since I'm not familiar with most of the words, I need to hear the pronunciation. I agree with Jason. They should be recorded. Language is first of all about speaking and understanding the spoken language.

But can't you also add some simpler phrases at a lower beginning level? It's very frustrating for me to try to play the game. I can't figure out the sentences at all.


Honest Tom S

here is what I do when doing the mega cards. Go to web sight and open a free account. this sight has pronunciation for almost every language under the sun.I always open the site prior to opening Rocket German. When I come to a word or phrase I don't know how to say or what it means exactly, I copy it from rocket German then paste into the website. once you enter the word or phrase, the recording will give you at least four different voices on how to say  it correctly, you just click on the menu of voices until you hear the voice that's right for you. I also use it for phrases I need prior to going into German Stores and Büros. A great tool. try it.

David K

Thanks for these great suggestions.

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