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Hello, Has anybody played German Premium Word-Master beyond level 6? I'm finding it too difficult to bother continuing and wondered if anybody has any advice? I find that the words used in level 7 are just too long to manage to place all the characters before the astronaut arrives. Here are some of my notes for this game where I would like to see improvements: Issues to resolve: 1) missing article for each word (at least display it for reference) 2) doesn't pronounce letters as they are placed in the grid - would help with pronunciation at this level 3) no integration with My Vocab - can't add words 4) can't search with phrase finder - words in this game do not show up in the phrase finder 5) capitalization is weakly controlled "You got it right!" sometimes displays the verb with a capital first letter i.e. Schinken and Schwimmen. The verbs should never be capitalized, right? 6) clicking next from level 6 sends me to level 2. Level4 ärgern = to annoy Glück = luck Computer = computer achtzig = 80 Morgen = tomorrow Deutsch = German neunzig = 90 Minuten = minutes vierzig = 40 Kalender = calendar Level5 Trocken = dry dreizehn = 13 sprechen = to speak fünfzig = 50 Würdig = worthy vierzehn = 14 Lieblich = sweet Fertig = done dreißig = 30 siebzehn = 17 Level6 Schönheit = beauty Schicken = to send Tschüß = bye! Wunderbar = Wonderful fünfzehn = 15 Bedienung = service wandern = to hike Fräulein = Miss lieben = to love Schwimmen = to swim Schicken = to send Level7 Bestimmt = for sure einhundert = 100 fünfunddreißig = 35 ----at this point I get stuck and run out of time. siebenunddreißig = 37 Einzelfahrkarten = One way?


Ideas: Might be nice if we can pick words and phrases from My Vocab to use when playing these games. Might also be nice if the drag and drop interface can be switched for a touch interface for two reasons: 1) It's faster to click on a letter and automatically place it as the next character than it is to click/drag/drop. A single click works better and saves time. 2) The click/drag/drop mechanism doesn't work on a touch device like the iPad. You can try this by using Puffin on the iPad and turning on the mouse control. It's really cool for most games, but on drag and drop subjects it's just too slow. If the interface was a single click game, it would work for any browser without a mouse control and it would be more fun to play. -Jason


Nobody beyond level 6 eh? Wow.


I gave up long ago. I don't have the hand coordination even though I know the words. I suck at video games too.

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