Forum Rocket German German Vocab Missing an "etwas"?; using "auch"?

Missing an "etwas"?; using "auch"?


Hi! 1) could you tell me if the word "etwas" is missing intentionally from the sentence in lesson 7.3...Sandra's line, second last to the end. It is there in the English translation and I"m puzzled as to why it is missing in the German. Could it read.....Erinnerungen etwas mit Essen....? 2) I notice the word "auch" cropping up quite frequently even though there is no "as well" or "too" in the English version. An example would be in Lesson 7.1...."die gefalle mire auch gut." and also in lesson 6e.1 "....also feirn wir auch so richtig traditionell." Is there a rule to be followed for the insertion of can one do it "at ones leisure"? Thanks very much....looking forward to the reply. Armani


Hello, mhhh... Isn't lesson 7.3 "On the mountains"? In this case it's about Paul and Nik, and I can't find the phrase you're pointing to.

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