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Nachprüfen vs überprüfen vs prüfen vs check



Hi there,

I can see that all the words are verbs and can be used to write the following according to “”.

To verify, check, to re-examine
Alternative meaning: Can also mean re-examine

To check, to inspect, to review, to screen, to scrutinize, to control

To check, to test, to inspect, to control
Alternative meaning: Can also be used for writing exam e.g. to examine

More or less similar to “Prüfen” but does not has an alternative meaning.

I was wondering when you should use either “nachprüfen” or “Überprüfen“ or “prüfen” or “check”?
My understanding is that “prüfen” and “Überprüfen” are largely interchangeable, except that that “Überprüfen” is mainly used for double checking or verifying a fact and that “prüfen” is used for checking something in general e.g. “Er prüfte sein Aussehen im Spiegel, bevor er ausging”.

My understanding is that “nachprüfen” is used for checking something on extra time e.g. “Ich muss mal nachprüfen, obe es wirklich stimmt, dass Blau das neue Schwarz ist.” or “Ich glaube, ich habe die Fenster geschlossen. Ich will noch mal nachprüfen“.

“Nachprüfen” is to some extent interchangeable with “Überprüfen”, as it can also be used for writing double checking.

“Check” and “Prüfen” are largely interchangeable.

Is my understanding correct?


Hallo RexV, 

Yes, you understood that correctly. Everything sounds right to me :) 

Liebe Grüße, 
Leah von Rocket German

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