Nochmal and wieder



I just saw this sentence “Kannst du das bitte nochmal sagen” which I understand means “Can you please say that again”.
Is the word “nochmal” full interchangeable with “wieder”?

I get the same translation but I assume “wieder” is more common.


Hi RexV,

Both of these words do mean "again," but they're not always interchangeable.

Nochmal is a short form of noch einmal and is closer in meaning to "once more" or "one more time." Wieder, on the other hand, is more like "again."

So if you want to ask someone to repeat something, you will say Nochmal, bitte? instead of "Wieder, bitte?" because your meaning is more in line with "One more time, please?"

I hope that this was helpful! It's another one of those things that will seem more natural over time.



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