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Question on "werden immer"


In lesson 3.5, there are several examples using the verb, werden, such as:
Wir werden immer älter.
We are getting older.

But isn't "Wir werden" = we will 
immer = always

Obviously, these phrases aren't literal translations to English, but can someone provide some context behind using werden + immer?

Thank you.


My guess is it's like saying we always get older, kind of a resignation to one of the facts of life.


Werden ="to become" so wir werden means we become, it is used to make the future tense but it is not exactly the same as "will" in English.
You could translate your sentence literally as "We become always older".


Thank you for the explanation. The text that I was using to learn the future tense was using "will" in the translation. 

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