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Does anyone know how to spell the word GRO-BOFF-SKI ? My old girlfriend used to call me this when she got mad at me and I think it means inconsiderate idiot but I don't know exactly how to spell it so I cannot look it up. I tried to do the best phonetic spelling I could but if anyone knows the exact spelling it would be appreciated.

Hi there, the word "grob" means rough, uncouth, rude, blunt, crude or gross. There is also the term "Grobian" which means "boor" or "a churlish, rude, or unmannerly person". I guess the term your girlfriend used is a slightly changed version of "Grobian". I have heard people before using the -ski ending to change an adjective into a noun to use it as a name, so she might have done that as well. "-ski" is a very common ending of eastern European surnames. So I guess you won't find "Groboffski" in the dictionary. There are a few terms that are used reasonable commonly, but haven't quite made it into the dictionaries. Perhaps because some expressions might only be used in a certain region, for example "Gedöhns": "Mach doch nicht so ein gedöhns" = "Don't make such a scene out of it". I hope that helps. :D

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