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ich weis nicht what is the meaning of the word ausgereschnicht - is title of song - ausgereschnichts du? The word is calculated in german but have not idea as to the exact meaning in english - what can this title mean so as to be better understood in english? calculated you makes no sense. If I have misspelled it I will come back later and correct. Danke Donald Wilson

Hi Donald, yes, that's a tricky one. There is actually no English word that really describes what "ausgerechnet" means. I guess that is also the reason why the dictionary only shows the meaning "calculated". "Rechnen" is the word for "count" and literally translated "ausgerechnet" mean "finished counting"- calculated. However, in your example it means something completely different. I'll give you some example situations where you would use "ausgerechnet": You are in a great rush to get to work, because you have to meet an important deadline. On the way to work you run out of petrol. You would say: "ausgerechnet jetzt!" meaning "why does it happen now,...especially now !!" Your friend complains and tells you that you are not eating healthy. He is addicted to fast food himself, so you say: "Das sagst ausgerechnet du" meaning "you are the right one to say that, especially you!" The title of the song basically means "why does it have to be especially you". That makes more sense than "calculated you" doesn't it?! :D

Fur Nathalie I very much appriciate your response to my question. So very informative; so much clarity with respect to the meaning of the word in context used. An aside: Am now becoming ingrigued with understanding - ein kinder musik - de namen ist - (lieber Gott, lass sie Sonne wieder scheinen) - es ist eine wunderschoen musik - In as much as I understand a considerable portion of the song in German - having only studied the 1st 7 lessons Rocket German course I am encouraged by my new - though limited understanding of this simplest of songs. - A new level of appriciation ich habe. Response not required. Merely - My thanks Donald Wilson

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