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What is the word for the English word Tour in German?


In the testing in section 2.2 some of the answers are using Tor and some are using Tour. Is this a spelling mistake in the program and should the accepted German word be "Tour"?


I think it is probably a mistake because tor means gate. You can click on the button on the lesson to report the error. They are very responsive to making corrections when you do that. I missed this one when I did that lesson ... good job (assuming, of course that it is indeed an error).


I don't see a mistake in the lesson. Tour is the same in English as in German. So when you are actually talking about a tour, it would be correct. However, they also do talk about the Brandenburg Tor which in this case refers to a gate and is a famous landmark. So both words are correct depending on how they are used.


Byron, You are correct as tour is the preferred word in both languages , however "Reise" is an alternate, though more associated with the word "trip". Just a thought.


Hallo there, Byron is correct. 'Tour' has the same pronunciation and meaning as in English and 'Tor' is gate. Cheers Paul

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