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When to listen to the Survival Kit lessons


Can anyone recommend when to listen to the Survival Kit lessons? They aren't numbered like the Conversations and Cultural Lessons. I find the speakers much harder to understand (I'm still fairly new) so I'm not sure if I should wait. Danke!


I'm not sure that it matters a great deal. I intersperse them with my regular lessons just for a little variety and since they are a little shorter, I get a feeling of accomplishment to be able to complete them fairly quickly. They do give you a more in depth vocabulary of themes covered in the general lessons, e.g. medical, shopping, numbers, dates, etc. so you could follow up with the appropriate Survival Kit after the theme is introduced in the lesson.


Thank you Byron. I just find Sarah & Matias much harder to understand (compared to Nik & Paul) so I wasn't sure if I should be waiting until I'm a little further in. Makes sense to learn some of the basics early on though. Thanks again!


I think, of all the speakers, based on my limited experience, Sarah and Mathias are actually the best models. Paul and Nik are great for beginning, but Sarah and Mathias are more typical of the actual native speakers. Sarah is a little fast, but then women generally talk faster than men. (Why is that?) It's good experience. In later lessons, Platinum, there is a new speaker, Sabine, who talks ridiculously slow, for what are supposed to be advanced lessons. Then, there is Nathalie, the subject of many complaints, who is a speaker in the language and culture sections of the earlier lessons. She is very soft spoken and doesn't enunciate clearly, not the best choice for beginner lessons, but again, good experience as people do talk that way.




Hi! Well I am also in the Platinum course and yes they speak very very slow which I started to get used to. I don't mind Sarah, Matthias, Sabine and Thomas but I so much like Nik and Paul better. Yes Nathalie is absolutely unaudible sometimes, specially when you are starting but since she does not appear anymore I don't mind. But for some reason I wished Nik and Paul were still on the other courses, I find them more upbeat.


Actually, I meant to say it is Sandra who speaks so fast.

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