Russian Vocab

ты or тебя and вы or вас

ты = you, singular, informal тебя = you, as in а у тебя So ты and тебя means you.  Since both of these words mean you, why are they spelled differently? On a similar note: Вы = you, plural, formal вас = you, as in а у вас So Вы and вас means you. ...

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Looking for games to play and learn Russian.

Hi, Are there any games that help to learn Russian on this web-site? Thank you!

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Turn left/right in Russian when giving instructions.

Hi. When giving directions сверните налево/направо seems to be used here. But I’ve heard поверните налево/направо used too. Are they both ok? Anyone know which is best or most common? Thanks for any help!

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поживаете или дела?

здравствуйте. I am looking for some clarification on these similar phrases. как дела - Lesson 1.0, How are you? как у вас дела - Lesson 1.6, How are you? (formal) как вы поживаете - Lesson 1.6, How are things? как ты поживаешь - Lesson 1.6, How are you? (...

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Russian Homos

Привет всем! I was wondering if someone would like to share a few common Russian words that are homophones? Specifically, words without similar meanings. Words like есть more so than words like язык. Not to say that the tongue in your mouth and the langua...

1 reply - Last post by Natalya - Tutor - August 30, 2015

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