a mi o yo


This sentence is in Lesson 9.6
Me gustaría ir yo al jardín botánico.

Shouldn't it read:
Me gustaría ir al jardín botánico.
A mi me gustaría ir al jardín botánico.

​With "yo" wouldn't it mean
I would please me to go...
​rather than what I perceive the intended meaning to be
​It would please me to go...

​Any insight is appreciated.


This is confusing! I would agree. It should be, Me gustaría ir al jardín botánico, in order to match the English translation below. When I read the original phrase,  I said to myself, "I would like to go me to the botanical garden??" *laughs* 
According to Google, it means, "I wish I go to the botanical garden." Translated, that's  supposed to be Deseo que yo voy al jardín botánico. That makes no sense either. Further proof that Google isn't always spot-on gramatically...
Perhaps it is just a typo. I haven't seen another instance where they used "Me gustaría ir al ______"  with a yo  in there. 

Maybe Marie could enlighten us?



Just wondering if Rocket Spanish support has read this post.


Well, you bumped it back up, so maybe they'll see it...


This sentence makes no sense to me either. Yo is sometimes used to emphasize that the speaker is talking about him- or herself rather than someone else, and sometimes a pronoun is used in a place that makes little sense in English grammar.

But I don't recall this construction either. 


Dan, my understanding is that "yo" is used for the emphasis when the verb is in the "yo" form.  However, with "gustar" and other verbs used in the same construction, "a mi" must be used for the emphasis since the verb is not in the "yo" form and "yo" is not doing the action.

​Like I said though, this is only my understanding y no soy el gran maestro de español.  :)  Some clarification from a Rocket Spanish or from a native speaker would surely be helpful.


Very interesting that nobody from RS has responded to this thread.


Well, RS doesn't have to respond to this post.  I'm a little disappointed that I haven't heard back from them.  I've taken it on myself to research this and I've found that indeed it is an error.  I hope that RS will correct the lesson.  No need to teach people to say "yo me gusta" or "me gustaría ir yo" just so they can sound like idiots.

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