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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Grammar Combining Direct & Indirect Objects

Combining Direct & Indirect Objects



Is the Spanish statement in the lesson below incorrect?
Lesson 4.10 Spanish statement: “Jorge se los pide.”
Lesson 4.10 English interpretation: “Jorge asks her for them.”
My interpretation: Jorge asks them to her,
In order to reflect the Lesson’s English interpretation, shouldn’t the Spanish sentence be: Jorge se la pide?


The Spanish statement is correct as is. I used to send in "corrections" to RL to make the English translations more literary accurate and I regret doing so as it turns to be not helpful in attaining fluency. Try to resist the temptation to translate word for word - particularly when in comes to "connector" words like for, from, to, ...


Estoy de acuerdo con Steven. Eso es buen consejo.


Hola Therese, I found that trying to literally translate the Spanish conversations, phrases and sentences to be very demotivating in learning the language. So please just go with the flow of the language, it will help you much more than you think! Hasta la proxima!

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