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Como vs. Cómo -- Inconsistent usage?



In the last few lessons, I have become very confused over the use of the accent on cómo. As I understand, the accent is used for both direct and indirect questions. However, the lessons have contained many examples of indirect questions using como  without accent. One example in lesson 12.2 is "en que te cuento como fue mi excursión con Mario y la novia." But there have been many other examples. Plus, I  have also seen some examples in which the accent was used for similar indirect questions. So this has become very confusing, particularly when my own references, as well as online explanations from various sources seem to indicate that such indirect questions do use the accented cómo.

Can someone please offer some clarification?


¡Hola Tomás71!

Thank you for your question! 

Deciding when to put an accent on como and when not to can be a bit tricky, particularly as indirect questions in Spanish don't work in the exact same way as indirect questions in English. I would recommend checking out this other thread on the forum, in case you haven't seen it already: It includes a more detailed explanation on the como vs. cómo matter that might help to iron out any lingering questions that you still have about it. 

As for the sentence you've asked about, you're right: there should indeed be an accent on como here, since it qualifies as an indirect question in Spanish - that is to say, this sentence features a speaking verb followed by a structure that could be used in a direct question and that starts with a question word. Our apologies for this error! I will make sure that that is corrected in the lesson and that a quick check is undertaken to see if the accent has been missed anywhere else in the course. I will also let the Spanish development team know to look for this when they perform their upcoming review of the course, as they will be looking at the lessons much more in-depth.  

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and our apologies once again. I hope that the forum thread I've linked to proves useful!



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