Compartir con vs. Compartir a



In lesson 13.4, there is repeated use of "compartir" with "a", as in Compartirás nuestro bonito idioma a todo el mundo. However (apart from this lesson), I have been unable to find any examples of compartir that use "a". They all use "con". And one of my references, which lists verbs and their complements, shows "con", but not "a" as the appropriate complement for compartir, when sharing with someone. So, as far as I can tell, the above sentence would be written as,  Compartirás nuestro bonito idioma con todo el mundo.

Can someone offer some clarification? Thank you.


¡Hola Tomás71!

Thank you for your question!

Indeed, while you may hear native speakers use compartir a, the proper version would be compartir con. So the version of the sentence that you have suggested, Compartirás nuestro bonito idioma con todo el mundo, would be the grammatically correct version. Our apologies for the confusion! Although the compartir a structure might be heard, compartir con should be used throughout our courses. 

I will pass this issue on to our audio team.




¡Muchas gracias, Liss!

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