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Direct and Indirect object pronouns - la and las



Hi experts, I have one question. 
Why in this phrase:
(We) serve them it (fem.).
We use 
 "Se la servimos" and not "Se las servimos".


Well, in the absence of experts chiming in, I'll throw in my two bits: "Se" is the "them", "la" is whatever it is being served. Hope this helps.


¡Hola aldosilva6 y Steven-W15!

I thought I would just add on to Steven-W15's correct response, aldosilva6: You can tell that se is referring to the indirect object ("them") and la is referring to the direct object ("it (fem.)") because of a word order rule: when direct object pronouns and indirect object pronouns are being used together, the indirect object pronoun always goes first. A brief explanation on this (and more examples) can be found in the section "Which Object Comes First?" in Lesson 4.10.

Do let me know if you still have any questions on this!



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