En que trabajas.


This seems to be saying "That your job." Why don't you say, "What is your job?" as "Que es trabajas?"  



I think the more literal translation of this phrase is, "in what do you work?",  which is another way of asking what your job is.


2kimgray, notice in lesson 1.5 that the question ¿En qué trabajas? is "qué" with a tilde.  This means "what"  as opposed to "that."


Which is the more common expression when it comes to asking someone what they do for a living? "¿Qué haces?" or "¿En qué trabajas?"


- ¿En qué trabajas?
- ¿A qué te dedicas? 

¿Qué haces? I think would be too ambiguous.


Lesson 1.5 has both ¿En qué trabajas? and ¿Qué haces? 

I agree that the latter might be a bit ambiguous but I was really just trying to figure out whether it is used much in everyday speech.


I agree with Steven that ¿Qué haces? could be too ambiguous and you would more likely be asked in the other forms. Although, I see no reason why a conversation could not go:

Person 1: Tengo que ir a trabajar más temprano en la mañana.

Person 2: ¿Oh...qué haces?

Not only is the context clear from the conversation, it avoids repeating a form of trabajar. 


Qué bien. Gracias por tu ayuda.

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