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I'm stuck at 4.8-beyond (Level one)


I felt like I was clicking right along until I got to the part about pronouns, DO, IO, etc. I haven't been able to do the Rocket Reinforcement in any of these because I'm NOT GETTING IT. 

Has anybody else suffered through this and found their way out the other side? I feel permanently STUCK. Even trying to skip it for a while then come back later is a challenge because the program assumes "you've got this" when it starts throwing direct objects, etc. into conversations. I can understand the gist of it, but I can't get it right in reinforcement. 



KymL,  pronoun usage is difficult.  I think for English speakers, the Spanish pronouns are one of the hardest things to get used to and put in practice.  Don't let yourself get bogged down.  Do another lesson and then come back to the pronouns.  


I'll just add that I still mess it up at times, and that is after living in Perú for more than 3 years and being married to a Peruvian that doesn't speak English.  I think I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, but the learning continues and one area in particular is the area of pronouns.


It might be worth doing a short grammar course in English grammar.  Many of us, me included, weren't taught grammar in school, and have now idea about pronouns, verbs/adverbs etc and really struggle when we learn another language.  Publishing Training Centre do a course on grammar for £70 and it's really quick to get through.  You could probably do it in a couple of mornings and then it may be easier to go back to the Spanish with this understanding.


 I  was taught grammar in school, soy viejo, tengo muchos años.  When I started studying Spanish it had been eons since I diagrammed a sentence etc. I needed a refresher and found English Grammar for Students of Spanish  by Emily Spinelli to be very helpful.


I'm starting to get it a little now, using Lightspeed Spanish podcasts and also the book, "Victor's Adventures In Spain" for a different perspective. It also helps me A GREAT DEAL to translate sentences word for word from Spanish. Yes, it's clunkier that way, but I can follow the logic better.

I've decided it is mandatory to be learning from more than one resource, at least for me. It probably also helps that I understand the weird nuances of English grammar, because compared with that, Spanish is a lot more reasonable.  I'm quickly developing a new respect for ESL speakers.

It will take time, but I'm over the roadblock part of it. I will be starting Level 2 by the end of this week. 




Good luck with it Kym. I don't think that there are many of us who don't struggle with this part of the course,  but the beauty is that you can revisit it time and time again and each time a little more information sticks. Personally, Dorothy Richmond's 'Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions' has been a useful source of practice for me.


I totally agree with the concept of learning from more than one source. Sometimes when something is simply phrased in a different way, it can suddenly become clear.
I also find that when I get bogged down, I go back through earlier lessons and find it helps me by restoring my confidence in how much I have learned.

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