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Interesting Set of Verbs and Tense Endings


Just wanted to throw this link out there for beginners looking for some good Spanish verbos to practice doing multiple tenses with... . Some nice -ar verbs I've never heard of. I have a feeling I'll be using ignorar (to ignore) and exagerar (to exaggerate) sometime soon. (Por ejampelo, Tú exageras demasiado.  O,  Pienso lo que está​s haciendo es estupido. Lo voy a ignorar. ​)

Buena Suerte.


Gracias Laura, I will have a look at this website. I think that it will be very helpful to me as well.  Brittany


De nada:)


¡Estos son genial!
Acabo imprimí todas las cinco páginas. 

And I agree,  ignorar  and exagerar  are going to be very useful and great fun in future skype conversations.  :)

Muchas Gracias!

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