is either correct?


"I was just in the kitchen."    Justo estuve en la cocina.

or can you also say,              estuve Justo  en la cocina?


I think there is some very subtle difference in meaning depending on where justo is placed. Google translate thinks the second form requires the imperfect tense, e.g. "estaba justo en la cocina" while the first from is perfectly fine using the preterite.


Interesting question. I would be hesitant to thrown in my two bits in the absence of a native speaker on this one. Here are some examples though that you may find helpful:


I also hope a native speaker comments on this as well. It seems to me that more often I have seen adverbs placed either at the beginning or the end of a Spanish sentence, leaving the verb and its explanatory phrase connected. But just when I think I have figured things out, I find an example that confuses me.


I too, would like to hear what a native speaker says about this.  It seems like my Spanish instructor in Peru said that it didn't matter and that it was the preference of the speaker.  However, I'm not going to be dogmatic on that. 


Discutí esta pregunta con mi tutor peruana ayer. 

Le pregunté a ella cómo diría a decir "I was just in the kitchen." 
Ella respondió, "Acabo de estar en la cocina."

Ella Dijo que se podría decir, "Justo estuve en la cocina" o "estuve justo en la cocina" también.

Ella dijo que "Justo estuve en la cocina" insinúa tiempo, como "hace un momento estuve en la cocina.""

Pero "estuve justo en la cocina" insinúa locación, como "estuve sólo en la cocina, no estuve en el baño o otro lugar." 



Muchas gracias Dan.


Absolutely. Very helpful. Thanks, Dan.

I was trying to think of the equivalent way we make the distinction in English. The only thing I could come up with was emphasis:
- I was just in the kitchen.
- I was just in the kitchen.


Da nada.

Era una discusión interesante.

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