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Hola, I’m looking for interactive children’s Spanish software - games, stories, puzzles, etc. for a 5 year old. I will also try my recently purchased Rocket Spanish on her. She doesn’t live in my household therefore I wanted to purchase something that she could enjoy and learn when she is at home. __*JumpStart Spanish*__ has mixed reviews. One reviewer (who is a native Spanish speaker) said that it isn’t a native Spanish speaker on the CD which he didn’t approve? __*KidsSpeak Spanish *__has mixed reviews. They speak no English and some of the parents who reviewed said it was difficult for the youngsters and they soon became bored. The ages of the children were from 4 to 9. __*Brainy Baby Spanish*__ is set for up to 5 years. One reviewer stated the following: “However, they did use a couple of words that I would not use in Spanish so it's useless to teach a toddler words she would not use, like the word for ball (pelota), they used "bola". I think pelota is more widely used, not just in Mexico.” I however, disagree with her take on this as being a problem. There are always many ways of saying the same thing. If feel it is important to get as may works under a person’s belt as possible. Other reviews said that if you have another program don’t bother purchasing this. I think it may granddaughter may be a little to old for it. __*Spanish for Kids*__ received good reviews. It uses topics like a birthday party to educate. Any and all advice is welcome :?: :?: :?: . Thanks, Knezz

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