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Lesson 4.7 Responses to Questions or Statements.



Your monitoring of  our responses to your Questions or Statements is very narrow.  You don't take into consideration whether we are responding in formal or informal mood.  SOME of your questions or statements do not provide a clue as to whether the statement is formal or informal and if our guess is in the wrong mood you mark it wrong when the answer is really correct.  You could learn a great deal from the way DuoLingo monitors responses.  Your software is really behind the times.


¡Hola Spanish51!

Thank you very much for your feedback! We are always trying to improve our courses.

Could I ask you for a little more clarification on the problem that you're experiencing? I have taken a look at the lesson but am having trouble finding where the issue takes place. Could it perhaps be the fact that the informal tu form is always unglossed (i.e. written just as "you") that is leading to some confusion in the Reinforcement section?

Thanks once again!



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