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In this 2021 edition, I do not see the option to download the transcript. That was a great tool in the earlier edition, so where can I find it in this new edition?



¡Hola KaceyM5!

Thank you very much for your question, and our apologies for the late reply!

If you are referring to the ability to download a PDF of each lesson, that is indeed still possible in the 2021 Edition. Simply print the page as a PDF by:
  • right-mouse clicking on the lesson and selecting "Print..." from the dropdown menu;
  • opening the menu in the upper right-hand corner your browser window (in Chrome, this means clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and selecting "Print..." from the dropdown menu; or
  • typing Ctrl+P on a Windows computer or Command+P on a Mac.
When you are taken to the printing options, choose to print the document as a PDF.

I hope that this is helpful! If you have any other questions, do let me know.



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