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luego de que + subjunctive or indicative ?



In Lesson 15.2 (the Piñata) there is the comment:
Luego de que me vendaran (subjunctive), me alejaron de los demás y me dieron vueltas, para desorientarme.
After they blindfolded me, they took me away from the group and spun me around to disorient me.

Shouldn't this be VENDARON (indicative) because it is not hypothetical or anticipated?  In fact, he was first blindfolded and afterward he was taken away and spun around.
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marieg-rocket languages

Hi AnthonyLouis, 

This is a good observation and you are technically correct; it should use the Indicative as the action was in the past; if the action is hypothetical or referring to the future, then one would use the subjunctive...

However, both ways are used (it sounds OK to me if you said "luego de que me vendaran", the Royal Academy suggests using the past indicative better, but it doesn't mean that the other way is wrong... Even the expression itself is not recognized by DRAE, "luego de que", it usually is "después de que".

Please keep in mind that Latin American Spanish has a lot of mixes and was influenced by archaic Spanish, so, some of the rules that applied before were never updated along with the Royal Academy.

I hope this helps! :) 


Thank you both for this. I flagged several of these going through the course - this one I totally missed.

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