- Cuando llegan a un lugar, tocan trompetas y guitarras, y se transforman en un evento público.
- When they arrive somewhere, they play trumpets and guitars, and they transform into a public event.

15.4) The phrase sounds awkward to me in English as they (people) "transform into a public event" - which makes no sense to me. So in Spanish, when one talks of Mariachi people ("banda de musica traditional mexicana"), can one also use the word to refer to an event? As in: Tuvimos un mariachi anoche.


According to, mariachi is a style of music (as I am sure you know) but there is no mention of mariachi being an event.

Perhaps it is one of those quirky ways (to an English speaker) that Spanish translates. This would be a great time for our Yoda Mexicano to enlighten us.

Cristian, ¿dónde estás?

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