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Necesito ayuda con problema de "Play It!"



Buenos días a todos!
Tengo una problema con ​juego de "Play It!" en lección cuatro punto dos. 
Let me give you the gist of the issue...
I participate as Amy. I make a mistake, back out, and start over. When I play back the conversation for the supposed second try, it plays my recorded audio from the previous try. Then I attempt to play as Mauricio. When I do this, no audio is played back,  though plenty of time is given, and the little bars are green. As this occurs, the "!" message starts to appear, but fails to even do so.
Everything else works fine, and so did "Play It!" until that happened. Por favor, ayudame! Necesito ayuda con este problema. 


marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Laura, 

I'm sorry to hear about the problem with Play It, I just tried it myself, a made a couple of mistakes, clicked on the "Exit" button on the right side of the box and started again; when I hit "Playback Conversation" I did hear my second try at it... I played as both Amy and Mauricio; have you given it another try? Please let me know! 

Kind Regards!


Hello again Marie!
I tried the same lesson, same level, same person today. I made sure that I said "Okay" instead of "Ya" on the first try. Then I tried again and used "Ya." The playback is as it should be, it gave me the last recording. Gracias por su ayuda:).

Hasta luego!

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

I'm glad to hear the problem got solved! :) 

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