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Parsing this sentence from an audio lesson


Hello everyone, my first post,

I"m not sure if this is grammer or vocab, but had a question on this sentence from 17.4 Bachelor Party:
se le va la locura de su vida.
the craziness in his life goes away

I get it, that   
    "la locura de su vida"  is "the craziness in his life"

Trying to understand how se le va is  "goes away"

Why is le needed?


I think it is an indirect object pronoun indicating from whom (he) it is going away? If I'm wrong I will soon be corrected by my esteemed colleagues...


Wow, that's a really tough question for a first post...


I read it in English as:
Se le va = It goes away from him
la locura de su vida = the craziness of his life 
Still seems redundant, but it helps me understand it better.  


Okay, apprec the feedback, all


I remember this phrase from the course and I honestly still don't get it. Happens. I'll come back to it at some later point in time and maybe it will make sense then.


Hablé con mi esposa de esto.  Me dice que está bien y que la locura se va.  Podemos entender que le refiere a la person de que salió la locura.  Por ejemplo:
(a Miguel) se le va la locura de su vida. O la locura de Miguel se va.

No sé si esto les ayuda o no.


Gracias.  Eso fue útil


Claro ahora. Gracias, Jeff - como Daniel dijo más arriba. Necesité entender la explicación dos veces por lo visto.

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