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Por vs Para 11.11 visualization



I found this helpful...
I visualized each sentence happening.  The sentence/action either went to my left or to my right in my mind's eye.
On the left are various businesses near where I live.
On the right are other businesses.
The two are separated by an alley.
This is the 'locus/loci' method.  
If a sentence does not stay put [in other words, if I can't remember which side of the alley/street it happened] then I reinforce it with:  action, ridiculous-ness, millions, enormous, exaggeration, embarrassing, noise, tell a story aloud, etc.   (smell, touch, feelings, emotions, hearing, seeing, sensing, suspense)  all heightened awareness
Anyway, try it.  It is fun to do and it works for me.

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