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Professor Jason - Indirect and direct object pronouns



Indirect object pronouns


Direct object pronouns
are those objects being directly acted upon:

Now the pronoun replaces the noun.
Magazine - la revista
The pronoun is - la Like it in English
I could say where did I put the magazine
Adonde puse la revista
Or I could say where did I put it?
Adonde la puse?
It's often is response to a question
Someone could ask where is the last cigarette?
Donde esta el ultimo cigarrillo?
Your response could be that I smoked it
Yo lo fume!!

Direct object pronouns answer the question, what?
What are you acting on
Indirect pronouns describe to whom and for whom the action is being performed
Who receiving the direct object
I buy a present for him
Him in this case is the indirect pronoun
If we are in conversation and I say I buy the flowers for him
Yo compro las flores para el
Yo le compro las flores
in this context means that I am buying the flowers for him.
The absolute complete sentence would be, yo le compro las flores (a el)- a el is optional.
I have to buy her a present.
Yo le tengo que comprar un regalo a ella
If you have indirect and direct pronouns in the same sentence, you can use se
I buy it for him
Yo se lo compro
Se replaces les, le
Used for verbs like send, buy, bring,
I told him
Yo se lo dije
You told me
Tu me lo dijiste
I have

You don't need to add a mi or a ella
If there is an indirect object in a sentence it must contain an  indirect pronoun, but the pronoun can stand alone
You can place the indirect pronoun in two places in complex sentences
You can say
The flight attendant has to give drinks to the passengers
El auxiliar de vuelo les tiene que dar refrescos (a los pasajeros) - optional to use (a los pasajeros)
El auxiliar de vuelo tiene que dar les refrescos (a los pasajeros)

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