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Professor Jason - Por vs Para



Prof Jason's Video on Por vs Para


My Summary

Para has fewer rules than por.


1/. To talk about destination

Someone could ask where is Dave?

Donde esta Dave

Your answer would be that he has left for Italy

Sali para Italia.

To where

Where is the train going?

Para donde va el tren?

2/. Recepient of Something:

Who is this for?

Para xxx

Para queien es la comida?

La comida es para las personas sin hogar - the food is for the homless

La ropa es para la cardidad - the clothes are for charity

3/. Intended purpose of an action(in order to):

Yo estudio espanol para hablar con mi familia - I learn Spanish in order to speak to my family

In order to do exercise one must wake up early.

Para hacer el ejercisio se tiene que leventar temprano

4/.To refer to a deadline: 

When do we have to finish the report?

Cuando tenemos que terminal el reportaje?

Tienen que acabar el reportaje para el viernes. - You have to finish the report by Friday

5/. Express opinion:

Para mi, brexit es stupido - according to me brexit is stupid

6/. For a particular person, you are xxx

Para in Nino eres muy maduro - for a child you are very mature


1/. Used to express movement around:

Through, along and around

To get to the other side, we have to go through the city - Para llegar en el otro lado tenemos que it por la ciudad

They used to walk through the park- Ellos se paseaban por el parque

I go out of the back door:

Sali por la puerta trasera

I normally take the motorway:

Casi siempre voy por la autopista

2/. Around here.

Who sells ice cream around here?

Quien vende helados por aqui?

3/. Reason

For something

Something is going to happen for a reason

El partido va a cancellar por la lluvia. - the match is going to get cancelled because of the rain

They will punish you for your sins- te castigaran por tus pecados

4/. Time

In order to finish this topic. I had to study for 3 hours:

Para aprender esta tema. Tune que estudiar por 3 horas

How long were you in Greece?
Paracuanto tiempo Estaban en Grecia

Estuvimos en Grecia por tres semanas - were in Greece for three weeks  

5/. To support or do something for someone else

I will bet on the best team- voy a apostar por el equipo mejor

Because my boss was sick yesterday, I had to work in his place

Porque mi gergente estaba enferma ayer, tuve que estudiar por Ella.

6/. Transactions/costs.  

I paid 60 dollars for the shirt

Pague 60 dollars por la camisa

How much will you pay for the car? Cuanto vas a pagar por el auto?

7/.Rates e.g. Speed limit

The speed limit is 60 miles an hour - El limite de velocidad es 60 km por hora

La fabrica produce mil coches por semana

8/. Written by composed by

This poem was written by Pablo Neruda
Esa poema due escrito por Pablo Neruda

9/. Object of errand: 

I go to the market to buy bread and milk

Voy al mercado por pan y leche.

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