Relative Pronouns


I am sorting through the relative pronouns "que" and "quien." Are these, more or less, interchangeable? Specifically, is it correct to say: Maria es quien escribió la novella," or "Maria es la que escribió la novella?" Thanks for the insight! Jim


Hola Jim. Bienvenido al foro. I too have been struggling with que and quien, not to mention el cual, el que, lo que, cuyo, etc. :roll: I still don't feel confident about which one(s) to use when. Nor was I sure about the specific examples you gave, so I asked a well-educated native Spanish speaker. She told me that both sentences you offered are correct. Espero que te sirva.


Gracias para el ayuda! For now, I am probably going to use quien with a preposition and el que; la que, etc for "the one." I know that this is probably not the really completely correct, but at least I can kind of move on for the moment! Jimíí



Gracias para el ayuda!

Gracias por la ayuda

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