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Ser versus Estar con donde -- ser for location of EVENTS



In lesson 2.3 there is a question: ¿dónde está el concierto? My grammar book says to use "ser" with events rather than estar when asking "donde" Example: ¿Dónde es el próximo concierto de tu grupo musical favorito? The following internet site also gives this as a grammatical rule: ( Ser vs. Estar (in five easy pieces): 1. Ser with time (Es la una; son las dos; es la hora de comer). 2. Ser with descriptions that are "characteristic" (Es estudiante, es importante que, es mía). 3. Ser with events (La fiesta es aquí, la clase es mañana). 4. Estar with locations (El libro está en la mesa). 5. Estar with descriptions that are "conditional" (Está enfermo, la botella está vacía). This site gives the same rule about SER with EVENTS: ( In English both verbs "ser" and "estar" are the verb: to be. Here are the general rules of use. We use "ser" for: a) to tell time It is four o'clock = Son las cuatro. b) to show possession That car is John's = Ese coche es de Juan. c) to express nacionality or origin Mary is Spanish; she is from Madrid = María es española; es de Madrid. d) with nouns to identify someone or something Mr. Robles is an engineer = El señor Robles es ingeniero. e) with adjetives to describe traits or characteristics Mary is tall and blond = María es alta y rubia. f) to express the __location of an event __ The game is at the stadium = *El partido es en el estadio. * We use "estar" for: a)to express location John is in the library = Juan está en la biblioteca. b)to discuss health How are you? = ¿Cómo está usted? c)with adjetives that describe a condition I'm tired and worried = Estoy cansada y preocupada. The only situation in which both "ser" and "estar" can be used is when the verb "to be" is followed by an adjetive. You will need to decide what type of adjetive is used in order to correctly select a form or "ser" or "estar". Adjetives that describe traits or characteristics = ser Adjetives that describe conditions = estar

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