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Seremos muy cuidadosos con ambos.



- (We)'ll be very careful with (you) both.
This is from Travelogue lesson 5.1. In 4.6 (the lesson just prior), we have:
- Ambos estaremos cuidando de ustedes.
- (We)'ll both be taking care of you.

Why is ser used in one and estar in the other?


I just finished the lesson. I remember now: this is a terrific one for ser and estar. Estaremos cuidando in the above phrase is clear. What seems to be throwing me (and I've seen other examples in the course like: No seas nerviosa) is in Seremos cuidadosos and in the following phrase (same 5.1 lesson):
- Además el pescado es muy fresco, es la pesca del día.
- Besides the fish is very fresh. (It)'s the catch of the day.

They seem like temporary / transitional states of being to me.


¡Hola Steven-W15!

Thank you for your question!

One of the main differences between Seremos muy cuidadosos con ambos and Ambos estaremos cuidando de ustedes is that the second one is a continuous verb tense - as seen by cuidando "caring / taking care" - and estar must be used with continuous tenses.

The trickier part is why ser is used with cuidadoso. Some adjectives tend to be used most often with ser or most often with estar; cuidadoso is one of the ones that tends to be used with ser. You will only very rarely hear it used with estar. As for why this is, I would say that you are on the right track with your impression and ser is used most often with cuidadoso because it implies that permanent state or defining characteristic. It would sound strange if, when reassuring someone that you will be careful, you implied that this carefulness would only be temporary.

I hope that this is helpful! Do let me know if you have any more questions!




Very helpful as always. Thanks, Liss!


¡De nada, Steven-W15! :)

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