Singular of vacation



in 6.3 the conversation includes

Estas son las mejores vacaciones de mi vida.

This is the best vacation of my life.

It mentions that vacaciones is treated as plural, which explains the ‘estas son’. Which means the above sentence translates literally to “These are the best vacations of my life”.
If you were trying to specify the difference between

This is the best vacation” vs “these are the best vacations” how would you do that?



¡Hola mmmatt!

Thanks for your question!

Since vacaciones is normally plural, the sentences “This is the best vacation” and “These are the best vacations” are indeed going to be identical in Spanish. Normally, whether you're talking about one vacation or about multiple vacations will be clear just through context. So if you want to specify that you're talking about just one vacation or about more than one vacation, the easiest way to do that would be to slightly reword your sentence and/or to add additional details to it - for example, Íbamos a México cada verano. Esas vacaciones fueron las mejores de mi vida “We used to go to Mexico each summer. Those vacations were the best (ones) of my life.”

I hope that this is helpful! Do let us know if you have any more questions.



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