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In Level 1, lesson 7.2, Amy says to Mauricio, Tú puedes hacer lo que quieras. You can do what (you) like. Shouldn't "quieras" be "quieres"?  If not, why? I cannot seem to trace down where "quieras" would come from.  Thank you.


¡Hola DaleS15!

Thanks very much for your question!

Quieras is correct here, for a somewhat complicated reason: it is in the subjunctive mood. Very generally speaking, the subjunctive is used in Spanish to show doubt and emotion. (You can find further explanation on it in Module 1 of Level 3.)

In this sentence, Amy is saying to Mauricio that he can do what he likes - whatever that is. She doesn't know (or maybe doesn't really care) what it is that Mauricio wants to do. This doubt or uncertainty means that querer "to want" has to be in the subjunctive. That changes its ending from -es to -as.

I hope that this answers your question! The subjunctive is a complicated subject, so depending on your level, it may be best to wait a bit before really delving into how it works.



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